Wednesday, November 21, 2012

The blank era

I'm fairly sure every person has been run over by the drugs in cycling issue by now.  I just don't see that hate anymore.  For instance, liking or following a person who used to dope and has since cleaned up comes with a certain sense of disconnect from those whom used to like that rider or have found in their sense of righteousness to cast out others who follow said rider.  I'm not talking about the pre-seven time champeen here, but all those others that have been busted and since are still racing.  It's like this overly zealous lot have taken it to themselves to issue out their version of a perfect ideology.  Because that has worked out so well in times past, right?  There is a huge difference between creating and enforcing rules judiciously and over-zealous self-righteousness. It takes a lot to patiently pursue justice and Travis Tygart has certainly done that script.  Now for all else who hop on the clean wagon, let's just not be too proud of ourselves for the years between 1998-2006*, or the blank era.  Guaranteed more than a few of those still in existence within the pro ranks were swept up in that cesspool.  There are some good years left in some of those riders legs and they are pursuing a passion just like everyone else on this Earth.  They hosed up a decision in their life and paid for it in bad publicity, lost wages and reputation.  Granted if they second or third time their way into a hole after 2006, then fire away; however, those one offs need to get scrutinized acceptance.  It just seems unfair to have a few years left in a career and be punked out of a national selection.

Saturday, August 4, 2012

Beer Foul

Watching the Raleigh Dealer Camp video I about missed someone involved in the most heinous of acts.  The beer foul.

Of course, he can't be blamed for a JDA.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Racing season countdown

Racing season for me begins next week starting off with Southern X in Dahlonega, GA.  I had planned on doing this one last year, but got knocked flat by the boys at the end of January and didn't surface until mid March.  By the time it was all said and done I had 4 regimens of different antibiotics and three, count 'em,  three shots of steroids in order to shake the lung funk.  But that was last year.  I can honestly say that I feel more prepared going in this year than I have for the past three years.  I've done a few things differently this year that are adding up to total fitness.  The biggest hurdle for me has been mental.  Family, work and training all have their stresses but it adds up to mental exhaustion after a while.  I've really worked on that portion this year and am turning a corner.  Consistently putting yourself in a pain cave is easy and suffering is just part of it.  Getting on the bike mentally tapped is a completely different animal.
Of to the courses,  first up the Southern X profile.

That first one is going to hurt, but I'm glad it is at the start of the race.  Had that thing been on the second climb, then it would be a real race maker.

Second up is the Pisgah 111k coming up in May.  This is going to be some truly sweet single track and outstanding preparation for ORAMM.

Because 11 is better than 10.  Not much to say about it since I've ridden all the trails, just not stitched together like this course.  That penultimate climb, always wanted to type that Philism, will be a leg breaker.  Kind of like climbing up Kitsuma going back to Old Fort at the end of ORAMM.  

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Stuff I use

If you've made it this far, then evidently you do care about what I use so I'll try not to bore you with flowers and rainbows.  I never really used to care about taint cream, embro or wash.  To me it all sounded a little too L'Oreal in that product for legs and taint were a bit over the edge.  After having tried these products now due to one reason or another I can say that if you aren't using them, then some of the maladies or time off the bike are definitely due to not utilizing them.  Case in my point: taint cream.  Never thought I'd ever have to use it.  Rode for hours on both road and mountain without having it, but consecutive > 3 hour rides I was having hotspot and those nasty growth issues that no seat adjustment or chamois could solve.  So I started using Vaseline at first, then Noxema, then I gave up and tried Chamois Buttr.  Quite possibly the gateway taint cream for just about any cyclist.  It's ok, but it disappears after about two hours and it didn't really help with the growth issues.  So then it was off to the Bag Balm.  Closely resembling Vaseline with some crap in it that killed the growth issues, but made my saddle look like a proctologist's office.  Truth be told this stuff is still my go to for seriously wet conditions.  Nothing beats Bag Balm for crappy weather.  Now it's Mad Alchemy Pro+ Chamois Cream.  Viscosity of Chamois Buttr, but with the lasting power of Bag Balm and the ingredient goodness to kill the little buggers that cause the growth issues.  If you like the Euro smell, then they have you covered with the Euro Pro cream.
Embro.  Once again, why shine them up like dudes getting ready to wrestle each other in the ring?  One answer, I like being warm more than I do like being cold.  That's pretty much about it.  Classic Cycling Essentials has two versions of their embrocation:  Mild and Medium.  Others have oil to atomic, but CCE has exactly the two required.  Mild is just enough from 50 to 70 degrees.  Medium is in no way medium as someone from this Earth would classify it.  It is for anything less than 50 and that is it.  I've ridden this stuff when sun hits it and it'll light the legs up gloriously.
Embro wash.  Because soap doesn't cut it.  Anyone who sits around 2 hours after trying to scrub off embrocation knows that the legs will have the residual heat for a while.  Use anything that scorches the legs and you could be rolling it around your sheets for the next week.  Mad Alchemy came up with the answer yet again with Embro Wash.  Smells like cinnamon lemons and takes the heat away with no residue.  Smell good and get rid of the heat.
Lastly, wash.  Classic Cycling Essentials Odie Kollone.  I don't really need this stuff per se, but the seats in the car love me for it.  My last van had a funk coming from the seats that could only be described as Sunday morning after the sweaty, puke, drunkfest slowly basted in southern degree August temperatures.  I'm not saying you couldn't just bring some soap along, which in the past I have along with a portable shower even.  That just gets tedious and takes up way to much room in the bag.  Plop this in the bag, done.
So there you have it, my primping stuff.  Not really, really necessary unless you want your junk not to come back and haunt you.

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Brim Brothers Zone power meter up for pre-order

Number 85 in line:

Pic courtesy of Velonews

No need to re-hash the online reviews as Velonews has a good read over HERE .  Summation:  ANT+, left and right foot differential power, transmitter pod moves to different shoes, stress gauges are all in the cleat shim, completely submersible,  Speedplay only for now and no price as of yet.

Thursday, January 19, 2012

K3 back on the calendar

It's back again this year after the advent of much appreciated trail work done.  I'll be racing the 40+ Cat1.  Come on out and see us!

Download the Flyer HERE.

Registration is HERE.